Prioritise your growth options

Many of our clients operate several business lines across a range of customer segments, in multiple geographies through different channels.

Insurance companies for example serve consumers, businesses, governments and professionals with a wide range of different products, either direct, through agents or via bancassurance. Major chemical companies typically sell into 10 or 15 diverse segments ranging from construction to electronics to agriculture. And a top medtech player might be working simultaneously on a national healthcare system tender for capital equipment, setting up a telehealth cloud solution for a university hospital, and providing disposable medical devices to a chain of private clinics.

Put another way, business for sector-leading companies is often complex.

Strategic Advisory thin


Regardless of the industry, when looking for profitable growth you need an international growth strategy that prioritises markets, segments and offerings, in order to best allocate investment and resources. The real loss from chasing a non-starter ‘opportunity’ is far more than the money spent, because of the opportunity cost associated with not pursuing a more promising market opening. Meanwhile your competitors may be doing exactly that.

GGM's approach to market prioritisation

Prioritising opportunities based on reliable market data and a sound rationale reduces your risk and gives you the confidence to make better business decisions - particularly when looking at multiple options across a diverse region such as Asia or EMEA.

GGM's market prioritisation approach clarifies complex opportunities in a logical and scalable way. We combine demand-side and supply-side metrics that can easily be adapted to include more or fewer segments, products or other variables, allowing results to be compared consistently across markets.

The output is a clear, visual strategic plan that tells you:

  • Which products or services to offer
  • To which market segments
  • In which geographies
  • In what order of priority


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