India's import of medical devices increased by 17%, export by 26% during 2012-16

 17-Mar-17, Pharmabiz

Between FY12 to FY16, the import of medical devices into India has increased by 16.8 per cent, whereas export increased by 25.7 per cent, as per the key findings of a government led study in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

Indias import of medical devices increased by 17pc export by 26pc during 2012 16 (c) Emergo Group

Image: Emergo Group

India is one of the top 20 global medical device markets and the 4th largest medical device market in Asia.

Diagnostic imaging (e.g. CT scan, X-Ray, MRI, USG, X ray-tubes etc.), IV Diagnostic (lab equipment and reagents, etc.) and Other Medical Device (ECG, opthal equipment, heart lung machine, etc.) form 70% of total import in India in FY16.

However it is estimated that import trade will fall with increasing number of international and Indian manufacturers setting up medical device manufacturing in India.

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