Indonesian hospitals to benefit from digital health

 28-Apr-16, Jakarta Globe

Several hospitals and medical facilities in Indonesia are keen to benefit from a digital healthcare system as it is more effective and efficient, despite a long waiting period for full implementation, leading health professionals said.

Indonesian hospitals to benefit from digital health (c) Jakarta Globe

Image: Jakarta Globe

With the rapid development of information technology, the healthcare industry has seen an opportunity for a new business model involving digital assistance.

Siloam International Hospitals president director Romeo Lledo said there are still many challenges to keep up with rapid developments in the digital era. Taking a small step to the more advanced use of IT, the Siloam Hospitals group is currently working to compile a more integrated patient database, which can be accessed from anywhere. This will enable doctors to access patients' medical history from any of the group's hospitals in the country.

But "the government has not regulated it, so those who start to shift into the more advanced use of a digital health-care system will inefficiently run two systems at the same time" said DNA Diagnostic Center clinic manager Yuri Obon.

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