24-Mar-20, European Council on Foreign Relations

Countries in the Arab world have long failed to create enough jobs for their growing working-age populations. The socio-economic problems resulting from this have contributed to the violent conflicts and civil strife that continue to shake the region.

Digital stability  How technology can empower future generations in the Middle East(c)Ashish Laddha

Image: Ashish Laddha

Many Arab countries have long depended on hydrocarbons, but increasing access to the internet could provide the foundation of a new economic future. As governments across the region roll out economic diversification strategies, its technology sector – and its tech-savvy, often unemployed young people – has the potential to transform the economy.

And there have already been successes in the Arab world’s technology sector. Ride-hailing app Careem and online marketplace Souq have put the Middle Eastern technology industry on the map for global investors.

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