15-Jun-18, Colombia Cannabis Investor Newsletter 

Colombia’s nascent medical marijuana industry looks set to boom. Medicinal marijuana has the potential to provide foreign investment, export earnings, rural jobs and cheaper healthcare at a crucial juncture in the country’s history.

Share of medical marijuana licences issued

Colombia medical marijuana licences (c)Nostromo 1806

Image: Nostromo

While Canada remains the global leader, Colombia can become a major player in production and commercialisation of the product. In Jan-18, the International Narcotics Control Board allotted Colombia a 40.5 tonne marijuana production quota, the largest in the world and 44% of the total.

Colombia has long been considered a perfect environment for cannabis cultivation. "The big advantage is sunlight, which is key to raising cannabinoid levels in the plant," said Juan Carlos Rey, who advises on marijuana licences.

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