20-Aug-18, HKTDC

With falling birth rates and rising life expectancy set to transform many Asian countries into elderly centric economies, the region is looking to learn the lessons of nations that have already successfully managed this reinvention.

Asia looks to Japan and Europe for elderly care models (c) HKTDC

Image: HKTDC

Japan has the highest proportion of elderly citizens in the world, and is looking to accommodate the needs of its elderly population with shopping malls redesigned to make them more elderly-friendly, the introduction of keep-fit classes specially tailored to the 65-plus age group, and more local rather than remote nursing homes. 

Singapore is seen as one of the best-equipped to weather its own particular 'silver tsunami'. Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Health, said "We will face growing demand for healthcare, a problem that will be compounded by a lack of family support and an overall reduction in the size of the workforce... Our approach has been to increase accessibility to healthcare by adding capacity in a sustainable manner and enhancing the quality and affordability of care."

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