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It's amazing how much we got out of this research. Not only did it help us to understand our markets but it was also used in our strategy decision making.
Elsevier, Marketing Director, International

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Things went well with GGM and we trust our cooperation with them will expand our business in Southeast Asia. 
Carraro Group, Marketing & Sales Director

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Thanks to your team in China for a very thorough and detailed piece of work, which has really helped us to understand the opportunities in the market and where we go from here.
Moorfields Private Eye Hospital, Managing Director

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Find opportunities and reduce risk in China, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

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GGM invited to speak on payments at the CPI Middle East & Africa Symposium in Dubai



GGM's head of Financial & Business Services, Tom MacDonald, has been invited to speak about payment market trends in the Middle East at the Commercial Payments International Middle East & Africa Symposium in Dubai on 6-Nov-18. Tom will use GGM's proprietary payments market data to compare the Middle East with other world regions, and identify opportunities and threats throughout the payment ecosystem. [Image: Commercial Payments International]

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India boosts Asian growth, as Latam and the Middle East look positive



Jul-18 Growth in emerging market commodity importers is expected to remain robust, while the rebound in commodity exporters is projected to mature, says the World Bank. Risks include escalating trade protectionism and rising geopolitical tensions. A slowdown in China is partly offset by the rest of Asia, led by 7% growth in India. Prospects in Latam and the Middle East look positive, though with growth projected at much lower levels than in Asia.

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Alternative payment providers position for growth in Indonesia



When it comes to growth opportunities for digital payments, Indonesia is in a league of its own. The prospect of tens of millions of new digital payment customers is too much for digital companies and investors to ignore. Looking at the numbers, it comes down to a combination of three factors telling payment companies that the timing is right, right now, to move into Indonesia: E-commerce growth; the size of the prize; familiarity with everything online.

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