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It's amazing how much we got out of this research. Not only did it help us to understand our markets but it was also used in our strategy decision making.
Elsevier, Marketing Director, International

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Things went well with GGM and we trust our cooperation with them will expand our business in Southeast Asia. 
Carraro Group, Marketing & Sales Director

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Thanks to your team in China for a very thorough and detailed piece of work, which has really helped us to understand the opportunities in the market and where we go from here.
Moorfields Private Eye Hospital, Managing Director

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Find opportunities and reduce risk in China, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

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Strategic advisory

Pragmatic growth strategies based on accurate market data and reliable insights.

International research

Custom research, market analysis and competitive intelligence for management insight.

Investor intelligence

Commercial due diligence and market intelligence to inform investment decisions.

2019 China Outbound Medical Tourism market intelligence service


 Multi-client service 

GGM's 2019 China Outbound Medical Tourism market intelligence service is now available, giving you access to accurate market data, reliable insights and private custom research topics. The service includes data and analysis on payers and spending, patient paths, destinations, procedure volumes, market value, perceptions, potential partners, opportunity recommendations and more.

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Jakarta launches subway system



28-Mar-19 "The most obvious harm that gridlock does to a city is in lost working hours for commuters. Add to that, the additional cost of fuel for all those private vehicles being used for the journey to work, the cost of healthcare associated with air pollution, plus the loss of tourism and international business visitors," said Pete Read, director of strategic research and advisory firm Global Growth Markets.

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Education and investment identify countries with growth potential



22-Mar-19 In countries where more than half the workforce have upper secondary education there is a strong positive relationship between capital investment and productivity. Seven countries with well educated populations and low fixed capital per worker are investing above average in fixed capital, and therefore look to be opportunity markets. Conversely there are eight countries which have a good standard of education but are not investing enough to fully leverage it in future. [image: Global Demographics Ltd]

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