06-Mar-18, South China Morning Post

China’s best doctors and hospitals are concentrated in its biggest cities. These “triple-A” hospitals account for 7.7 per cent of the total number of medical centres, but handled half of outpatient visits in 2016.

How China is using technology to improve rural healthcare  (c) Handout SCMP

Image: Handout / South China Morning Post

Internet start-ups like WeDoctor and Ping An Healthcare & Technology (aka Good Doctor), have sprouted over the past few years to tap the under-served and ageing population in remote parts of China.

349 villages in Henan Province have received mobile all-in-one diagnostic stations which can run 11 tests, from measuring blood pressure and heart activity, to urine and blood analysis. Weighing 5kg, the device designed by Internet start-up WeDoctor is portable, and results are uploaded automatically for further online consultation.

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